Vipassana retreat

Vipassana Retreat

Vipassana retreat includes one active Meditation along with three hours of Vipassana meditation sessions. Vipassana meditation was originated by lord shiva thousands of years ago. Five thousand years ago, Lord Buddha reinvented it. Thats why it is taken as a part of Lord Buddha meditation.

 Vipassana retreat takes you to the depth of Meditation. Infect, it is best for those who want to go in the very depth of it. In the Vipassana retreat, you are also taught Vipassana walk in it, which is a necessary part of our daily routine. In our routine, we have to walk, whether it is a home or an office. If we make our walking as a meditation, then we don’t need to spare time for Meditation.

 Moreover, Vipassana Meditation is a breathing technique that helps to take one to the Meditation so quickly .So Vipassana Technique helps many saints/sages reach for enlightenment.

Physically challenged people can do Vipassana retreat, Which doesn’t require any body-posture.In fact, the Vipassana retreat is associated with the breathing process.

Rishikesh is a beautiful place, and there are beautiful mountains, waterfalls, etc. There is a great pleasure to get up early in the morning and roam in the hills; the atmosphere of Rishikesh is full of meditation. And it is beneficial for any new seeker to go deep in meditation.
Himalayan mystics yoga and meditation school work in the spirit of public welfare. 5 Days Retreat is worth thousands of dollars; there is a price of 5 days Vipassana Retreat in our school is just 300 Euros, which has a luxury room, pure satvik food, meditation facilities are included. The holy Ganges River flows in Rishikesh, which is only 10 minutes walking distance from our retreat center. Vipassana retreat is designed with the aim of going deep into meditation. In addition to 3 hours of Vipassana meditation, a 1-hour yoga class, and 1-hour lecture, and a 1-hour active meditation are also included. In 5 days, we will be taught different five meditation methods. Physically challenged people can miss yoga and active meditation, even in the evening time will be absolutely free for you. You can roam anywhere in Rishikesh.
The school can arrange a car for you for the local site scene, but you have to pay for it separately. There are many temples in Rishikesh, and you can learn traditional Hinduism. Yoga works for our body, and meditation works on our minds.
Along with our bodies, our minds must be healthy. We take care of our bodies, but we do nothing to keep our brains healthy. Vipassana meditation retreat or any meditation retreat refreshes our mind. Freedom from our memories makes our mind feel fresh, and meditation is crucial to keep our mind healthy.

Upcoming Vipassana Retreat  In Rishikesh

Vipassana Retreat in Rishikesh 
10th sep to 15th sep 2020: Euro 300 : OPEN

Vipassana Retreat in Rishikesh 
2nd oct to 7th oct 2020: Euro 300  : OPEN

Vipassana Retreat in Rishikesh 
31st oct to 5th nov 2020: Euro 300 : OPEN

Vipassana Retreat in Rishikesh 
21 nov to 26th nov 2020: Euro 300  : OPEN

Vipassana Retreat in Rishikesh 
6th feb to 11th feb 2021: Euro 300 : OPEN

Vipassana Retreat in Rishikesh 
27th feb to 4th march 2021: Euro 300  : OPEN

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