Retreat completely relaxes your mind and body.In retreat, we include Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga yoga, meditation, Pranayam, and other surprise sessions.We are nothing, if we are not connected with our insideWe may be much busy or excited in our lives; If we don't care about our body, mind, and soul, everything is waste

Yoga retreat

Our Yoga retreats eliminate the toxins from the body and  the negativity from the mind - There are numerous choices for a seeker to choose an appropriate yoga retreat.

  All the ancient texts and modern spirituality say that we don't find any meaning or joy in the life, if we are not connected with our inner self. Modern way of living creates many excitations in the life, however, one feels empty or lost after an excitement in fulfilled. We often feel meaninglessness in the modern life. However, our life could be a celebration, a joyful journey in the search of the ocean of bliss!

Meditation retreat

A meditation retreat is Six days(five nights) retreat, In Meditation retreat, you will be familiar with two different meditation technique every day, and you can pick any suitable meditation technique for you.

 As some go for Active -Meditation or others like sitting meditation, so in the meditation retreat, you can select any meditation per your choice and further practice. You can choose more than one even. And practice 2-3 hours — those who are new to meditation may like a lot, due to different ways of meditation. You will be made familiar with different methods of meditation in one week.

Catharsis Retreat

Catharsis retreat is the need of today’s modern world. In today’s world, a plastic smile is significant as no one bothers what is going on in our in catharsis retreat, we open the blocks of energy in our body. For instance,while working in an office,if we make any mistake, whether by mistake or not,our boss yells on us,which makes us feel internally angry on our boss, as we are not supposed to react back on him during this time,there collect many glands, which halt the flow of energy. As a result, many people suffer from depression. So, With the help of catharsis retreat, we can release the collection of accumulation of these glands.consequently.

Vipassana Retreat

Vipassana retreat includes two active Meditation along with 3 hours Vipassana meditation sessions. Vipassana meditation was originated by lord shiva thousands year ago. Five thousand years ago. Vipassana retreat takes you to the depth of Meditation. Infect, it is best for those who want to go in the very depth of it. In Vipassana retreat, you are also taught Vipassana walk in it, which is a necessary part of our daily routine.

Unblock your emotions retreat

“Retreat Unblock your emotions” release our inactive emotions. We live in a civilized society, which gives us both pros and cons. When we are a child, there are a plethora of works which are imposed on us without our wish. If a child wants to cry in front of others, then we stop him crying by saying that a good baby never cries in front of others or something else. In this situation, that child’s emotions are suppressed.there are so many examples, like for making them successful, we focus them on studying or doing anything against their wishes else,.Some one become angry on us. In this situation, it generates some blocks of energy which stop energy to flow. In retreat unblock your emotions, You will be helped to reopen the blocks of energy and release the energy. Additionally, With retreat unblock your emotions, we are released from any state of depression which we suffered in young age. Retreat unblock your emotion emancipates the all unfortunate moments of our childhood, which affects adversely on our minds.

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