Meditation is an art of looking for the meaning of life within us and explore the eternal bliss. There are various types of meditation that can calm us and make us explore the inner divinity. 

In the modern times, we all are running too much behind the materialistic comforts, such as material wealth, worldly prestige, big cars, etc. We are extremely busy and give no time to ourselves. The modern economic system makes us believe that if we get a big car, a big house and a lot of money, it will bring joy and happiness in life. However, the worldly happiness is only momentary - as soon as a desire is fulfilled, many more desires take birth in the mind, and the infinite series of desires continues. However, the art of meditation believes opposite- the truth and bliss are inside us that we are searching outside.

Meditation also brings one to the present moment, we always feel joyful when we are in the present moment. Our mind wanders either in the past or in the future while the meditation brings us to the present moment. As an example,  when we meet someone for the first time, we feel a spark of happiness, as our mind comes to the present moment. Something even more intense happens when we fall in love. We come to the present moment and feel joyful. We want to spend the whole life with that man or woman and everything vanishes with time because the mind comes again and we slowly loose the spontaneity. Actually, that joy is because of being in the present moment, not because of that person.

All the saints have brought the spirituality to new heights in India, and developed different procedures of yoga and meditation. The Himalayan Mystics Yoga and Meditation School offers you the flavour of these different types of yoga and meditation methods.

Here's an excellent example of how different meditations work on our body and mind. There are many situation when we can't express our emotions. For example, we can't yell back on our boss. These situations create emotional suppression in us and creates various blockages in our body and mind. This prevents the vitality to flow freely in our body and mind. As these glands or blockages prevent our energy from flowing, we feel oppressed and the depression, or start living in melancholy. Our mind is occupied with the excessive thoughts, anxiety and negativity.
Meditation removes these blockages in our body and we feel calm and joyful in our lives. Due to meditation, we feel freshness and a clarity in our mind which makes us live a more meaningful life.


This is Six days(five nights) retreat, In Meditation retreat, you will be familiar with two different meditation technique every day, and you can pick any suitable meditation technique for you.

Teacher training

Teacher training course is designed by considering so that we can go in deep as much as possible and you can become a good meditation teacher. If your understanding is rooted and you have experienced the hight of Meditation, only then you are a good meditation teacher.

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